Coralie Boudreault

Coralie was born in 2003 near Montreal, Canada. She is a professional indoor skydiver and she started flying in 2015 she started flying in 2015. At the start of MAD Company she had around 150 hours of tunnel flying.
She has won 10 gold medals or first places in national and international competitions till now.

Coralie has a black belt in Kick-boxing and has won the Canadian championships with her cheerleading team
She is now completely dedicated to indoor skydiving.

Her results and awards are the following:
2018 - Canadian Championships
GOLD - Freestyle-OPEN
BRONZE - Dynamic 2way
2018 - Windgames,Spain
3rd - Junior Freestyle
2017 - Global kids Challenge
1rst - Junior Freestyle advanced
1rst - FS2 (Y.Bisson) advanced
2017 - World Championships
5th - Junior Freestyle
2016 - Global kids Challenge
1rst - Junior Freestyle advanced
1rst - FS2 (Y.Bisson) advanced
2016 - Canadian Championships
GOLD - Junior Freestyle (Y.Bisson)
GOLD - FS2 (Y.Bisson)
GOLD -VFS rookie (R.Maclaurin)
2015 - Global kids Challenge
1rst - FS2 (Y.Bisson)

Her  goal would be to perform in the tunnel and in skydiving as well. Her own words: ‘I  sincerely think that the MAD company can reach the highest level of entertainment by being something completely different and never seen before. My motivation is this friendship we have between the MAD members and the teamwork because we can all work and create something together instead of competing against one another.

She joined MAD Company at the very beginning.


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