Yulia Oko

She was born in Russia in Saint-Petersburg in 1986.
She is professional business-trainer, physiologist, osteopath and specialist of physical development and sportsman training system, dancer and choreographer, model and actress,  creator of the unique training program for bodyflyers, member of several international innovative projects.

International Parliament for Safety and Peace – Oxford Educational Network: diploma 1-degree of “Modern Show-business and harmonious personal development”
International University of Fundamental Studies Oxford Educational Network: diploma 1-degree of “Extreme and Correction Psychology”
Winner of dancing and shaping competition
Winner of beauty competition
Victories of my students:
Freestyle World championship FAI 2015 - 3rd place Freestyle World championship FAI Talent 2015 - 1st place
Freestyle World AirDancing Wind Games 2016 - 1st place
Freestyle Russian championship 2016 - 1st place
Freestyle World cup FAI 2016 - 2rd place
Freestyle Russian championship FAI 2017 (open) - 1st place
Freestyle Russian championship FAI 2017 (kids) - 1st place
Freestyle  Danish Championship 2017 - 1st place
Freestyle Russian championship FAI 2018 (open) - 2st place
Freestyle Russian championship FAI 2018 (kids) - 1st place

She started to work with bodyflyers since 2015 year.
‘ I remember that moment clearly...
Being a small girl every time I heard the music, closed my eyes and imagined the dance.. dance of the freedom! Without walls and even floor.... in the AIR! And once when I saw the windtunnel at the first time -  I understood that my dream was destined to come true!’ - she said

She is happy to be a member of MAD Company because of  splendid reasons which are:
First – It’s opportunity to tell people very deep, complicated and necessary things in  international and free language – art.
Second – MAD company is creating new type of unique beautiful art  - this is new era for windtunnel theater! It’s absolutely new kind of entertainment that involves and attracts people totally!
Third – MAD team united the best professionals in the world.
Fourth – MAD company has outstanding technical capabilities. Yulia is absolutely free to create whatever she wants! ‘My imagination drawing waves of body movements weaved with air flow, dance of lights and art of the newest multimedia technologies. It’s pure miracle!’ - she says ‘I’m absolutely sure that this newborn Art – ATMODANCE – will conquest the hearts of millions of people all other the world! It's just a question of time... I wish Bodyflying sport – will become Olympic. Together we are ready to fly to the future!’


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