Amy Watson

Amy was born in Australia in 2005 and lives in Sydney now.
She is an indoor skydiver and had her first experience at Indoor Skydiving for her 9th birthday.

Her results and awards are surprisingly long at this young age:
She is the 2016 Australian Junior Freestyle Champion,
2016 Polish Open Junior Freestyle Champion,
2016 placed 4th at the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving.
2016 set a Guinness World record for the most horizontal spins in a minute on live TV Amy managed 44 spins beating the old record of 26. 2016 awarded an Australian of the Day award.
2017 USA Open Junior Freestyle Champion,
2017 Australian Junior Freestyle Champion
2017 3rd place in Open Freestyle at Flight Fighters in Bahrain.
2018 The Wind Games Junior Freestyle Champion and Australian Champion in  junior freestyle and open freestyle .

She has joined MAD Company from the very beginning. ‘My personal goals and dreams for bodyflying is that this sport will make it to the Olympics and be recognised as a real sport and not just a first time experience.’ - said Amy.


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