Performances designed for your needs

In a close cooperation with wind tunnel manufacturers and stage builders, our planning and choreography teams are open to design a complete entertainment show based on your needs. Whether you invite us to an opening ceremony of a stadium, a two-day-long popup exhibition or as a standalone main act of a festival, we can make it. Our crew of more than 50 experienced AirDanceTM performers are waiting on demand to fill the very stage you choose.

About the stage

At the very centre of our Wind StageTM, we’re building a high-performance vertical air turbine producing a 2-6 metre wide and 200 km/h vertical wind flow (depends on the size of the required set). Above this very circle, our performers can literally dance in the air in a height of 15 metres. To elevate our audience’s experience even more, our stage is fully projected with high-brightness 3D video projectors that makes it difficult for viewers to perceive the boundary between real and virtual phenomena.


Book your show for 2020!

You can choose one of our plays or request a custom-made show!

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