Leonid Volkov

Leonid was born in 1988 in Leningrad and he is a professional indoor skydiver and parachute jumper.

In 2012 Leonid started to practice parachute jumping, after which he was hired as an instructor by the first professional indoor skydiving school in St. Petersburg, FlyStation, where he taught people to manage their own bodies in the airflow.
After six months of training, Leonid won an indoor skydiving competition in St. Petersburg and was admitted to the FlyStation sports team in vertical and dynamic group acrobatics in the airflow. After two years of performances as a part of the team, he turned to single freestyle skydiving.
Since 2015, Leonid Volkov has been working on the project: TunnelSport.com, where he publishes information about the flight of the body in the airflow.

He is also the member and trainer of Space Devils Bodyflying Sports Club, and is also participating in the works of the Atmodance Academy, which  helps to train the new generation of atmodancers of MAD Company.


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